All These New Relations

Welcome to All These New Relations, a new online magazine exploring and showcasing the milieux, methods and madnesses of contemporary poetry in all its emergent myriad forms.

Because there’s never been a better time to make poetry. Spoken word nights proliferate, encouraging new poets to try their work in a live setting. Social media lets writers forge connections with like-minded souls across oceans and continents with unprecedented ease. Anyone with a smartphone can make a short film, while online video sharing and publishing platforms now give poets a potential readership (or viewership) exponentially greater than any of the traditional presses. Moreover, as technology and society radically alters the ways we communicate and express ourselves, so poets are increasingly – as they should be! – on the frontline: responding, making, whispering, speaking, shouting, singing, feeling their various ways into knowing our languages, our relations, ourselves. Organising themselves, others, founding and finding their communities, talking to each other, to the world.

We want to explore these new relations: to support them, contribute to them, foster critical discourses around them. To ask how these new poetic forms are made, are answered, presented, challenged. We want to talk to international poetry communities, to get them talking to each other, via interviews and articles, films and reviews, essays and debates, collaboration, innovations across forms, experiments and connections across new and old media.

That’s what All These New Relations is all about – poetry everywhere…far beyond the printed page. We think of the page as one relation among many that together make the NOW such an exciting time for poets and lovers of poetry. We believe great poets and great poetry has always gone beyond the margins. All These New Relations is all about that going beyond.

And if we sound Utopian, very well, we are Utopian! We are large, we contain multitudes. And at the same time, we are small and we are humble. This magazine is, in itself, an experiment. We know that these new relations are fraught with challenges; that the risks are high, and success is by no means assured.

But we’re going to try.

Welcome to All These New Relations.


  • What are you? A new online magazine exploring new ways of making and presenting poetry, far beyond the printed page.
  • Who are you? Founders Calum Rodger and Rachel McCrum and a small, crack team of poets, critics and event organisers who want to explore and support innovation in poetry.
  • Where are you? Based in Scotland and Quebec.
  • When are you? Twice-yearly, May and November.
  • How are you? Well, thanks. Yourself?

The Title

A quick word on our title: All These New Relations is the name of a 1955 short film by Scottish film-maker and poet Margaret Tait. We believe Tait understood, more than half a century ago, the kind of impulse that drives this magazine. As early as the 1960s she called her short films ‘filmpoems’, blurring the distinction between the two media, and was a trailblazer for poetic and cinematic innovation throughout her career. Her work is among the brightest constellations in the poetic firmament we want to map and voyage into.


Editor: Calum Rodger grew up wanting to be a poet but wishing he could be a robot. In the process of realising the former and coming to terms with the fact that he would never realise the latter, he co-organized and hosted Glasgow-based live poetry night The Verse Hearse (2012-2017), completed a PhD in Scottish Literature at the University of Glasgow (2011-2015), experimental-poetry blogged at All Real Culture Is Free (2012-2014), had two pamphlets published by Tapsalteerie and published prize-winning research on poetry-generating robots (2013-2014). He currently works, skives and plays in Glasgow.

Editor: Rachel McCrum never saw an opportunity to build new platforms for poetry that she didn’t want to try. During her time in Edinburgh (2010 – 2016) she was part of Inky Fingers Collective, co-founded Stewed Rhubarb Press, was the Broad (co-producer and co-host) of cult spoken word cabaret Rally & Broad, helped build the Scottish Slams online presence, co-founded SHIFT/ Collective for the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, and is now thrilled to be exploring magazine formats with All These New Relations. She currently makes mischief in Montreal with La Poesie Partout and Mile End Poets’ Festival.

Illustrator: Dave Coates is a poetry critic and MSPaint artist from Belfast and Edinburgh. His crit is at, his art has featured in several beautiful zines.